Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Artwork hangs on the wall of a room.

Zeller pARTnership Art Gallery in Victoria City Hall

Initiated in 2020, the Zeller pARTnership is a collaboration with local artist and Victoria resident Deb Zeller, who owns Zeller Studio in Hopkins, to bring rotating art shows to City Hall. Minnesota-based artists lend their paintings to the City of Victoria to line the walls of Council Chambers on the second floor of City Hall.

Current Exhibit
Lining the walls of Council Chambers, artist Jennifer Stone is displaying 16 pieces of her art collection. This is a collection of watercolor, acrylic, collage and mixed media pieces.

People's Choice Award: From "The Watercolor" Exhibit

Jim Turner, Artist Statement
Jim Turner standing in front of his watercolor art piece hung up in council chambers
"I cannot look at the world without thinking about color, texture, value, and design. I am driven to paint and my favorite times are spent in front of an easel. For me it is really and truthfully about the process of creation. It's great when a painting succeeds and I and others can look at it and appreciate and enjoy it, but I love painting even when the results ae not so great, when the new idea doesn't pan out. Maybe because of this I love to try things I haven't tried before, new techniques, new media, new compositions, because it's FUN". 

Zeller's  pARTnership winning piece: 
"Sanctuary (Hymn)"

The Zeller pARTnership Art Gallery is available to the public at any time City Hall is open. Stop by the front desk to inquire about viewing the paintings.

Featured Artists Over the Years

  • Bernie Anderson
  • Brush Pilots
  • Coco Connolly
  • Dan Wiemer
  • Daniel Volenec
  • David Tomlinson
  • Deb Zeller
  • Diane Foster
  • Dianne Sanders
  • Georgia Kandiko
  • Kathe Drake
  • Kathleen Litwin
  • Kim Gordon
  • Krista Lee Johnson
  • Jennifer Stone
  • Jim Clark
  • Jim Geisinger
  • Jim Turner
  • Julianne Jonker
  • Susan Spoden
  • Suzanne Shaff
  • Tom Foty

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