Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Fire Safety Guide Download

Fire Safety Guide

Prepare for fire emergencies by filling our our Fire Safety Guide and hanging it up in your home or office! It has areas to write in the designated meeting place for your fire escape plan, dates of battery changes and replacement, as well as dates of service and replacement for fire fire extinguishers.
Download the PDF Guide

Carver County Citizen Alert System

Victoria residents are encouraged to opt into the Carver County Citizen Alert System. This system provides customizable alerts that are capable of being delivered via email, texts and even landlines. Alerts may include weather watches or warnings, emergency road closures and city sewer or water alerts. Create your free account.

Outdoor Warning Sirens

The City of Victoria operates a network of outdoor warning sirens. These sirens are used to notify the public, outside of their homes, that there is an imminent weather threat and that they should seek shelter immediately. If you are outside when a siren sounds, follow these steps:

  • Seek shelter immediately and tune into a weather radio or other media sources for weather information.
  • Do not rely on a siren for an all-clear signal. Sirens run for a predetermined time period and then shut off. Severe weather may still be in the area even after the siren has shut off.

Sirens are tested at 1 pm on the first Wednesday of every month from March through November.

Emergency Plan

Every family is encouraged to create and practice a family emergency plan. In the event of an emergency, it is crucial that all family members know what to do. For more information about developing a family emergency plan visit Ready.gov.

Knox Box Home System

The Victoria Fire Department participates in the residential Knox Box program. This program allows homeowners to install a secure key box on the exterior of their home that is only accessible by the fire department. The key box contains a key, provided by the homeowner, to enter the property in the event of an emergency. The availability of a key box allows first responders to enter the house quickly, reduces the potential for damage from forced entry and makes re-securing the property easier and faster. For additional information on the Knox Box program, including ordering products, please visit Knox.

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