Katy Hills Park

Katy Hills Park

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Surrounded by the Katy Hills neighborhood, community members enjoy Katy Hills Park for its extensive areas for play and trails that cross the parkland.

The park has both shaded and sunny areas for our community members as they enjoy this pleasant mini park.


Park Features
Enjoy all that Katy Hills Park has to offer as a Small Neighborhood Park for our community members.

Park Amenities

Park Facilities
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Park Visitors
Katy Hills Park is great for kids and their families or caregivers that want to enjoy time outdoors while playing on the playground or taking a break in the shaded picnic area.

Playground Equipment Appropriate for the Following Ages

  • School-Age (5-12 Years)

Park Location
Address: 1400 80th St, Victoria, MN 55386
Parking: On-Street Parking Along Park Property
Neighborhood: Katy Hills
Trail and Park Connection: Explore the Savanna Valley Park Nature Area and the surrounding trail nearby, which can be reached via the trail beginning at the end of 80th St.

Know Before You Go
Park Hours
  • Open 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Daily
Park Safety
Pets in the Park
  • Pets Must be Leashed or Caged
  • Clean Up After Pets

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