Development and Planning Projects

Development and Planning Projects

Housing and Business Mixed-Use Planning Projects

Downtown West
Development of the city-owned 13.5 acre parcel known as “Downtown West,” at the western intersection of Arboretum Boulevard and Stieger Lake Lane, has been a priority since it was acquired. The City Council's vision for this area is an extension of the current downtown through phased development to diversify housing and expand and enhance Victoria's local economy.
Learn more about Victoria's Downtown West expansion area.

Downtown West Phase 1
Developer: Marco McLane
Overview: 145-unit market-rate apartment development with the construction of a public central green area.
Location: North of Stieger Lake Lane and Highway 5; East of County Road 11/Victoria Drive
Timeline:  Construction begins 2023
Status: Approved Final Plat, Development Agreement, TIF Agreement

Gannon Property
Developer: Monarch Development
Overview: 74-unit market-rate apartment development with 6,000 SF Commercial Space
Location:  7942 Quamoclit and a City parking lot at 7928 Quamoclit
Timeline:  TBD 
Status: Discussion with Applicant for January City Council Workshop Meeting Date

Housing Projects in Victoria

Huntersbrook 2nd Addition
Developer: Tradition Development
Overview: 77 single-family homes (20 traditional lots and 57 villa lots)
Location: On Outlot I, and portions of Outlots D & G of Huntersbrook First Addition and a portion of 10860 Victoria Drive
Timeline: TBD
Status: In Application (Sketch Plat Complete)

Developer: Lennar
Overview: 80 single-family homes
Location: 1100 78th St. W. and 925 78th St. W.
Timeline: Construction of the grading and utility improvements for the first addition are underway. Model home under construction through the winter.
Status: Approved Final Plat, Development Agreement

Amira Senior Apartment Development
Developer: United Properties
Overview: 147-unit-age-restrictred (55+) apartment building and two single-family residential homes
Location: 2285 Arboretum Blvd
Timeline: Sketch Plat complete-Applicant will be formally submitting an application in November
Status: Planning Commission and City Council have reviewed Sketch Plat and Concept Plan

Kelzer Property
Developer: Summergate Homes
Overview: 23 single-family homes
Location: 5600 block of Marsh Lake Road
Timeline: Planning Commission to review Sketch Plat and Concept Plan & Neighborhood Meeting at the November 15th meeting
Status: Sketch Plat Review Phase

Marsh Hollow First Addition
Developer: Golden Valley Land Company
Overview: 55 townhomes and 51 single-family rental homes. The development is intended to be platted in phases, with an anticipated Marsh Hollow Second Addition (2023) to bring the total to 110 single-family rental villa lots and 103 owner-occupied townhome units.
Location: West of Victoria Drive and south of the Huntersbrook Development
Timeline: TBD 
Status: Utility and grading construction activity is currently underway and is anticipated to be completed in the fall of 2022.

The Shores of Marsh Lake
Developer: Charles Cudd Company
Overview: 42 single-family lots
Location: South of Marsh Lake Road, north of Marsh Lake, and east of County Road 43
Timeline:  TBD 
Status: The development is substantially complete and home construction is underway.

Madelyn Trail 
Developer: Pulte Homes
Overview: 49 single-family homes 
Location: south of 78th Street West and east of future extension of Kochia Lane.
Timeline: TBD 
Status:  The project has reached substantial completion and home construction is underway.

Huntersbrook First Addition
Developer: Tradition Development
Overview: 115 residential lots (43 “Tradition” single-family lots, 35 “Heritage” single-family lots, and 37 “Revere” villa lots)
Location: South of Marsh Lake Road/Schmieg property, west of Victoria Drive.
Timeline: TBD 
Status: Site grading is complete, utilities have been installed and development improvements have reached substantial completion. Home construction is underway. 

Laketown 17th Addition
Developer:  Lennar
Overview: 16 single-family homes
Location: West of Laketown 15th on extension of Timber Terrace.
Timeline: TBD 
Status: The development is currently under construction and all development improvements are expected to be complete.

Laketown 16th Addition
Developer: Lennar
Overview: 24 single-family homes
Location: South of Laketown 15th and north of Marsh Lake Road.
Timeline: TBD 
Status: The development has reached substantial completion with construction, including the installation of utilities and roadways. Home construction is underway.

Business Projects in Victoria

Victoria Acres
The City of Victoria, in partnership with USA Clay Target League, has the opportunity to develop a world class outdoor recreation and shooting sports complex called Victoria Acres. Victoria Acres combines the natural beauty and amenities of Victoria with purposeful design of year-round recreation and a blueprint for world-class shooting sports competitions, training and events.

Learn more about the proposed Victoria Acres project.

Planning Studies and Plans

Commercial Small Area Plan
As part of its 2040 Comprehensive Plan, the City of Victoria identified an area within its ultimate city boundaries as the ideal location for future commercial development. To help create a framework and generate concepts for this area, the city facilitated a small area plan study of the location, known as Victoria Worx. 

Read Victoria Worx Small Area Plan Draft, January 2020 (PDF).

Downtown Victoria Parking Study
Hoisington Koegler Group, Inc., guided by a task force of elected officials, residents and business owners, conducted a downtown Victoria parking study between September 2018–January 2019. Phase 2 of the study is underway in 2020/2021. 

Downtown Victoria Parking Study, February 2019 (PDF)

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