Review Process

Review Process

Proposed developments go through the City of Victoria's development review process.

Pre-application meetings occur between the City and the developer before moving into the three-stage concept review process for development where the City ensures that every project is considered fairly and follows the same process. Each stage has opportunities for plan review by the public, relevant advisory boards, and Victoria’s City Council.

Sketch Plat 

Cities are not required to conduct a sketch plat but the City of Victoria finds value in including sketch plat as part of the development process as it allows the developer to gain valuable feedback on a proposed project prior to making a significant investment to prepare and submit preliminary plat documents. This is also the first glimpse of a potential project that the community has and allows members of the community to follow the project closely and remain engaged if and when the project moves forward. 

During the sketch plat stage, the City and community members provide feedback on relevant community needs and preferences regarding the project.  Property owners within 350 feet of the subject properties are notified and invited to participate in relevant meetings. The developer typically will invite and hold a neighborhood meeting prior to any formal presentations to Planning Commission or City Council to share information about the proposed project and gather initial feedback.   

City staff and the developer will also present an overview of the proposed project during the sketch plat stage to both the Planning Commission (at a regular meeting) and City Council (during a workshop) depending on the project. City staff may also present an overview to the Parks & Recreation Committee to provide feedback on park-related items associated with the proposed development. 

The developer uses the guidance to assist in any subsequent preliminary plat application. No approvals or actions are taken during the meetings. 

Application Reviewed During     
Neighborhood Meeting  |  Parks & Recreation Committee Meeting (If Applicable)  |  Planning Commission Meeting  |  City Council Workshop


Preliminary Plat  

The preliminary plat  requires the developer to submit a preliminary design of the proposed project including the proposed layout of streets, blocks, lots, and other elements. This is also where rezoning would be considered should a proposed project require rezoning.  

Council will either adopt a resolution approving the preliminary plat if the application meets the requirements to move to the next stage, or deny the preliminary plat citing findings of fact outlining the requirements not being met. 

During the preliminary plat stage, the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing, provide comments and feedback on the proposed project, and make a recommendation to Council whether to approve or deny the preliminary plat. Should the Planning Commission recommend denial, they will cite the appropriate findings of fact outlining which requirements are not being met. 

The City Council is the final authority on approval or denial of the preliminary plat.  Preliminary plat may be approved upon meeting certain conditions. The developer would need to meet the conditions cited before final plat approval would be granted.

Application Reviewed During     
Planning Commission Meeting  |  City Council Meeting


Final Plat 

The final plat stage incorporates the direction received at preliminary plat into the final development plans. It includes all final construction plans (streets, utilities, landscape, stormwater, parks, trails, sidewalks, etc.), as well as the developer’s agreement, title work, watershed district approvals, fee payment (water/sewer connection, park dedication, etc.) and construction escrow and letters of credit. 

Council will either adopt a resolution approving the final plat if the application meets the requirements to move to the next stage or deny citing findings of fact outlining the requirements not being met. Upon approval, the developer must record all plat and legal documents with the county. 

Application Reviewed During     
Planning Commission Meeting  |  City Council Meeting


Community Engagement During Development Review 

Members of the public have the opportunity to provide input on proposed projects during the Preliminary Plat phase, Sketch Plat phase, neighborhood meetings, and any public hearings associated with the project. Additionally, anyone may send a letter or email to City staff or City Council Members with feedback at any time during the process. Public notices for applicable meetings are posted at City Hall and public hearing notices are published in the City’s official newspaper, the Chanhassen Villager. 

Meeting information, including dates and times, agenda packets, as well as meeting minutes, are available in the City’s Meeting Portal. Community members are also able to sign up for meeting notifications via email on the City’s notification system. 

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