Facility Projects

Facility Projects

Current Facility Projects
Several areas in Victoria will be under construction in the coming years for facility improvements.

Victoria Fire Station
Corner of County Road 18 and Kochia Lane
Construction for the Victoria fire station project is tentatively planned to begin in the spring of 2025 with occupancy likely in late summer of 2026.  Prior to this, the services of an architecture firm and construction manager will be retained to begin the design and bidding process. The new fire station will resolve firefighter health and safety issues as well as support evolving staffing model changes

Victoria Recreation Center Roof Replacement    COMPLETED 

The Victoria Recreation Center (VRC) is pleased to announce the Roof Replacement project, which serves as a crucial step in preventing facility damage, addressing existing leaks, and ensuring the facility’s long-term sustainability. This project is in partnership with Independent School District 112 (ISD 112), who will manage and coordinate the project. While some impact on VRC programs is expected, City staff will maintain regular communication with the public to keep everyone informed. Construction began in earnest the week of July 24, 2023.

Facility Plans
Victoria Space Needs Assessment Report
The Victoria Space Needs Assessment supports the City’s immediate, mid-term, and long-range facilities needs and operational requirements. The facility space needs study analyzed current facility conditions and deficiencies and the useful life and capacity of existing buildings. This study provides well-developed and comprehensive information that will enable City leaders to make informed decisions regarding the City’s public facilities and guidance for maximizing facility investments that have been made as well as upcoming improvements and changes. 

City_Victoria_Department_Facilities_Icon City of Victoria Facilities
City buildings and their maintenance are the responsibility of the Facilities Office under the City of Victoria Administrative Services Department.

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