New Victoria Fire Station

New Victoria Fire Station

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A new fire station will be constructed to improve the safety of the community of Victoria, Minnesota over the coming years.

Project Overview
A new fire station will be constructed at the corner of Kochia Lane and County Road 18 to meet the needs of our evolving community.

Proposed Improvements
The new fire station will focus on improving firefighter health and safety as well as supporting evolving staffing model changes necessary to meet increased demand for service without compromising service levels. For example, the new fire station will allow firefighters to sleep inside the building and respond directly to calls for service versus responding from home or work. This will help reduce overall response times across the community and provide a more structured staffing model for our firefighters. 

Tentative Project Schedule
  • Design and Bidding Process Begins: Fall 2023
  • Construction Begins: Spring 2025
  • Occupancy: Late Summer 2026
Project Contact

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The Victoria Fire Department has dedicated and trained volunteers from the community who strive to minimize the impacts of hazards and medical emergencies to our community with integrity and compassion.
Victoria Fire Station Project Q&A
How did the city arrive at the need for a new fire station?
In 2019/2020, the city engaged the services of an architecture firm to conduct a space needs analysis on all city facilities.  This plan, which was adopted by the city council in late 2021, laid out short-, mid-, and long-term needs for all city facilitiesThe short-term plan recommended land acquisition for a new fire station with construction of the project commencing in the mid-term.
How was the location selected?
The City of Victoria retained the services of a real estate broker in 2022 to assist with the land acquisition process.  Eleven different sites were evaluated for the future fire station. Considerations included road access, property size, price, and most importantly maintaining the city's response time goals. Ultimately, six acres of property was acquired from Holy Family Catholic High School at the corner of County Road 18 and Kochia Lane. 
What is the timeline for the project?
Construction for the project is tentatively planned to begin in the spring of 2025 with occupancy likely in late summer of 2026.  In late 2023, the City retained an architectural and construction management firm to begin the design process.  
How old is the current fire station?
The current fire station was constructed in 1982.  As part of the construction of the city’s water treatment plant in 2005, an addition to the fire station apparatus bays and an exterior facelift was completed.  
What will happen to the current fire station?
Once the new fire station is constructed the current building will be repurposed for other city needs, most likely for public works. 
How many fire stations will the city need to have?
With the continued growth of the community, it is projected that one larger fire station in the right location will meet the City's mid-to long-term needs. If a second station is necessary in the distant future, it would be a small, satellite station. 
What is the cost of the project?
The current budget estimate for the project is $16 million but will ultimately be determined through the design process and current market.
What will the community involvement be in the project?
The project team will present updates during the City Council workshops throughout the design process. The Planning Commission will also have a chance to review and provide feedback. Additionally, a community open house will be held after preliminary design to share those designs with the community. 
What are the deficiencies with the current fire station?

The current fire station poses several challenges, mainly related to firefighters’ health and safety, that need to be mitigated.  This will ensure that the highest level of service to the community is maintained.  The current fire station does not allow for expansion of the ever-changing staffing model.  With the gradual migration from a paid-on call staffing model to a duty crew model, additional building amenities will be necessary to support this transition.   

Firefighters are at a higher risk of exposure to carcinogens and pathogens resulting from their work.  The current facility does not afford the means to properly decontaminate and separate those exposures throughout the building.  An example being there are no showers or locker spaces inside the current building that would allow firefighters to properly shower after an exposure, prior to returning to their families.   

Apparatus space inside the current building has also reached capacity.  As the community continues to grow, additional space to house fire apparatus will be needed.  The new building will allow for the future apparatus growth.   

What advantages are gained with a new fire station?
The new fire station will resolve the firefighter health and safety issues mentioned aboveThe station will also support the changes necessary in the evolving staffing modelFor example, the new fire station will allow firefighters to sleep inside the building and respond directly to calls for service versus responding from home or work.  This will help reduce overall response times across the community and provide a more structured staffing model for our firefighters.   
Why couldn't the current fire station be remodeled? 
The current facility was unable to be remodeled mainly due to land constraintsBeing surrounded by private property, the water treatment plant, and Minnesota Department of Transportation Right of Way, the land to facilitate expansion is not available.   

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