Park and Trail Projects

Park and Trail Projects

Current Park and Trail Improvement Projects
Several areas in Victoria are or will be under construction for improvements to parks and trails.

Lakeside Estates Park Phase II    IN PROGRESS 
Lakeside Estates Park (2623 Woods Drive)

The current Lakeside Estates Park south of Wassermann Lake has a playground, basketball court, and open-air shelter for the community to recreate and enjoy. The open area adjacent to the park underwent site grading, installation of a parking lot, and construction of trails and a ball field. These areas are still closed until reseeding is complete.

Deer Run Park 1 Playground    COMPLETED 
Deer Run Park 1 (8720 Ridge Ponds Drive)

Timeline: April - Early June 2024
Each month, the City conducts maintenance assessment of all city playground structures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our park users. Throughout this process, Deer Run I playground was identified as requiring full replacement to meet safety standards. Demolition of the current playground begun in April 2024, with playground replacement scheduled for May 2024. The Replacement will involve the installation of a new play structure, new cement barriers and the replacement of pea-gravel for wood fiber surfacing. 

Huntersbrook Park Design    PLANNED 
New Park Area (10200 Creekside Lane)
Timeline: May - December 2024
The City of Victoria is initiating the design of a new park located in the Huntersbrook neighborhood. The 5.6-acre park will serve the Huntersbrook and Marsh Hollow developments, as well as other communities in the south area. Community engagement will begin summer 2024 to determine amenities and programming for the park. 

Gaga Ball Pit    PLANNED 
Rhapsody Park (2550 Vogel Farm Road)
Timeline: April 2024 - Early June 2024
As part of their Eagle Scout project, a local Boy Scout will install a permanent Gaga Ball Pit in Rhapsody Park. Gaga Ball, known as a fast-paced and dynamic activity enjoyed by all ages, has seen increasing popularity in recent years. The project is expected to be completed by early June 2024.

Outdoor Pickleball Court Sound Improvements    PLANNED 
Diethelm Park (8475 Kochia Lane, Victoria, MN 55386)
Timeline: Early 2024
To limit noise impacts on surrounding neighborhoods, the City will install sound barriers along the north and east fences of Diethelm Park's outdoor pickleball courts. The project is anticipated to be completed in early summer 2024. Staff will continue to engage with the neighborhoods and assess the noise throughout the playing season to determine if further sound mitigation is needed.

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The park and trail system woven throughout Victoria, Minnesota is managed and maintained by, or in partnership with, the City of Victoria Parks & Recreation Department.

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