2023 Street Improvement Project

2023 Street Improvement Project

The 2023 Street Improvement Project is complete in Victoria, Minnesota.

City_Victoria-2023_Street_Improvement_Project_Map_ImageProject Overview
Portions of 80th Street, Rose Street, Sunflower Street, and Trillium Trail will be reconstructed during the summer of 2023. The project includes alley improvements, storm water system construction, and repairs to the sanitary sewer and water system. 

Proposed Improvements
  • Street Reconstruction of 80th, Rose, and Sunflower Streets and pavement reclamation of Trillium Trail
  • Storm sewer and drainage improvements
  • Watermain and sanitary sewer improvements
Anticipated Project Schedule
  • Project Start: August 2023
  • Substantial Completion: End of October 2023
  • Final Completion: Mid-November 2023
Project Documents
Project Status
Complete. The roads are open to the public.

Project Contacts

  • Jacob Ringstad, Construction Observer: (612) 214-0962
  • Jenn Edison, Project Manager:  jedison@wsbeng.com

Victoria_Engineering_Icon City of Victoria Engineering Department
Engineering design standards guide the planning and design of public infrastructure within Victoria, Minnesota with oversight from the City of Victoria Engineering Department.
Project Updates
2023 Street Improvements Project (Update 8/18/2023)

Construction has begun for the 2023 Street Improvements project!   

  • Roadway pavement pulverizing has been completed. 
  • Watermain repair work was completed this week.
  • Installation and repair of storm sewer is underway and anticipated to be complete by the end of this week.
  • Roadway excavation and improvements are anticipated to start Monday 8/21/2023
    • This work will include removal of existing roadway material, installation of draintile, sump pump services, and placement of new roadway base material.
    • Anticipated to be completed within 4 weeks. 
    • During this time access to driveways will be disrupted.
    • One roadway will be worked on at a time to minimize the affected residents.  
  • Roadway Accessibility
    • Local businesses within the project are still open and accessible.
    • When residents or business access will be disrupted, field staff will notify the affected residents and businesses prior start of work.  More details will be provided at that time.
    • Residents should plan to move any needed vehicles out of their driveway prior to start of work.  Parking of these vehicles will be required along south side of 81st Street during working hours.  No parking along the north side of 81st Street.
    • Please use caution navigating along the roadway or near the project and yield to any construction traffic. 
2023 Street Improvements Project (Update 9/18/2023)


  • The contractor is currently adding additional aggregate base for the roadway and shaping it for paving.   
  • Paving of the first lift of asphalt is tentatively scheduled for the end of this week.   
  • Backfilling of the curb and restoration of the disturbed areas will follow.  
  • The final lift of asphalt will be placed after restoration.  
  • Please continue to use the south side of 81st Street if you prefer to have your vehicle out of the way during working hours.  
  • Please use caution navigating along the roadway or near the project and yield to any construction traffic.
  • Thank you for your ongoing patience.   

NOTE: All schedules are subject to change based on weather conditions and material availability. 

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