City Meetings

City Meetings

All City of Victoria meeting agendas and minutes can be found on the City's online meeting portal.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Meeting agendas and minutes are published for all meetings of the city council  and citizen committees. Meetings of the city council, planning commission, parks and recreation committee, and senior advisory committee are also video recorded and published. 
Meetings for the past three years, on a rolling basis, are available on the City's Meeting Portal.
For meeting materials older than three years, contact the City Clerk at 952.443.4216 or

Videos and Live Streaming
You can watch a live stream of the city council meetings and videos of previous meetings on the City's Meeting Portal, and the City's YouTube channel. Mediacom subscribers can also watch live meetings on cable channel 8. 

Attending a City Council Meeting
Meeting Date and 
Annually the City approves its annual meeting calendar for all City Council and citizen advisory committees. Any changes to the meeting date and time will be posted at City Hall and the City's Public Notice Page. 

Meeting Location
City Council and citizen advisory committees are held at Victoria City Hall Council Chambers at 1670 Stieger Lake Lane, Victoria Minnesota 55386. Any changes to the meeting location will be posted at City Hall and the City's Public Notice Page.

Order of City Council Meetings
City Council meetings following the "Order of Business" set by City Policy 1.1.001 City Council Meeting Guidelines (PDF)

Participate in a Meeting
We welcome public participation in the local decision-making process. Learn how you can speak at an upcoming public hearing.

Find a Meeting
At each meeting, there is a designated period of time for public comment on items not on the meeting agenda or in application. During this time, community members in the audience who wish to speak are invited to the podium. Meetings with public hearings are open for public participation on those specific items. To see which meetings you can participate in, view the City of Victoria Public Notice page. 

Register to Speak
Before addressing the City Council, attendees are asked to register to speak.

Rules for Participating
We conduct meetings in a professional and courteous manner and expect everyone who participates to conduct themselves in a manner that:
 - Does not disrupt the orderly conduct of the meeting
 - Does not interfere with the ability of others to observe
 - Does not create fear or intimidation

Time Limit
The amount of time given for remarks is set by the Mayor or Chair of the meeting. It often depends on the number of people who have signed up. You will generally be given 3 minutes. 

The Public Record
Your participation and anything you share in a meeting will be part of the public record. Only include information that you are comfortable making public.

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