Engineering Design & Construction

Engineering Design & Construction

Engineering design standards guide the planning and design of public infrastructure within the city.

They provide the minimum design requirements, acceptable products and standardized specifications and details to ensure that public infrastructure is constructed to a high-quality standard meeting the community’s goals and objectives.

The standards and guidelines apply to new development projects designed by consultants and constructed by contractors employed by private owners, as well as infrastructure development and rehabilitation projects designed and constructed by the city’s consultants or contractors.

The engineering design standards are living documents; they are not meant to be all-inclusive or rigid requirements. The city will be receptive to change in cases where variations will achieve a better technical or economical solution. Exceptions to these design standards will be allowed only with approval by the city engineer. To expedite city plan reviews, exceptions shall be clearly identified in writing with the plan submittal and include full supporting documentation.

Engineering Design & Construction Manual
Engineering Design Standards and Plan Format Requirements
The city’s plan review may be delayed if the minimum requirements are not met.
Standard Specifications
The standard specifications must be included in the contract documents for all private development projects. The specifications must be included with the project manual or project specifications, and they cannot be edited. Project-specific requirement sections must be included where specific requirements or changes are needed.
Standard Details for the City of Victoria
Only drawings that apply to the specific project shall be included in the plan drawings. Standard plan notes must be placed on the stated plan sheets of the construction drawings.
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