Fire Department History

Fire Department History

The Victoria Fire Department has a long proud history of serving its citizens.

This history dates back to the very early years of the 20th century. We have documented as much of this history as we have available at this time, through department records, books, and conversation with retired members. We know that you will find the department history interesting, funny, and enjoyable.

July 7, 1913
  • This is documented by the written words on the first page in the official Victoria Fire Department ledger dated July 7, 1913. On this date, a meeting of the citizens of Victoria was called for the purpose of organizing a Fire Department and to hold a picnic to raise funds to pay for fire apparatus (chemical engine) already bought. Mike Notermann was elected to act as chairman for this meeting. It was noted to keep a picnic date of July 20, 1913. The following committees were appointed to manage the picnic, Stands (to be erected), Cashier (for funds), Advertising Manager, (Bar setup), Confections and ice cream, Lunch, Amusements, and Police.
  • The organizing of the Victoria Fire Department was postponed due to picnic preparations until Monday, July 14, 1913.
  • Meeting Adjourned.
July 14, 1913
  • A meeting was called to order and the following officers were elected to serve until the next regular annual meeting. Chief Math Grausaum, Assistant Chief Carl Miller, Secretary Ed Plocher, and Treasurer Mike Notermann. The Victoria Fire Department organized with a membership of 18 members.
  • Other topics were to erect the town fire bell on a boxcar at the rear of the hardware store until a new fire building is completed. (As told by past members, this bell was to summons firefighters for a fire call. And was sounded at the start of each meeting.) A committee was appointed to draft bylaws for the newly formed fire department. And the secretary was instructed to send invitations for the July 20 picnic to Carver, Chanhassen, Chaska, St Boni, and Waconia Fire Departments.
  • Meeting Adjourned.
July 29, 1913
  • Special Meeting called to order by Chief Grausaum. An itemized statement of receipts and disbursements of the fireman's picnic July 20 was read by Secretary. Voted on to pay all picnic bills as read. (As reported in the Carver County Sun Thursday, July 30, 1970 newspaper, those in attendance consumed 35 gallons of ice cream and 16 barrels of beer. The dance was attended by 175 people and $854.45 was raised.)
  • Meeting Adjourned

See the Original Fire Department Meeting Minutes and extensive history.

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