Council Brief for Week of March 25, 2024

Council Brief for Week of March 25, 2024

This week's Council Brief covers the interviews for the Victoria Planning Committee as well as the 2024 Committee and Commission Appointments.

Interviews for Planning Commission
Ryan Donley submitted an Easement Vacation application requesting the City consider vacation of a drainage and utility easement in the rear yard of 2460 Water Street.

Discussion Overview
The petition is for a vacation of the easement that runs through their rear yard with an approximate width of 20 feet. This easement was planned to accommodate draintile systems in the rear yards.

Community Impact
City Council approved the easement vacation. It is not predicted to impact neighboring properties' drainage as reviewed and determined by City staff. 

Consent Items
Items on the Consent Agenda are routine, administrative, do not require deliberation, or are housekeeping items required by law.

Approved During Meeting
  • Previous Meetings’ Minutes
  • Claims Roster
  • Monthly Fire Department Report
  • Monthly Report from the Carver County Sheriff's Office
  • 2024 Water Obstacle Permit for Schutz Lake Skiers Association on Schutz Lake
  • Temporary Liquor License for Victoria Lions Club for May 4, 2024
  • Extend "Eat Street" through December 31, 2024, and Rename to "Eat Street 2024"
  • Carver County SHIP Grant, Authorize Staff to Execute the Agreement
  • Alliant Engineering's Plat Correction to the Huntersbrook Creekside First Addition Final Plat
  • Painting Contract for Victoria Recreation Center
  • Resolution of Support for Pursuit of Funding for the Bavaria Road Trail Improvements
Rejected During Meeting
  • First Amendments to Brookmoore First, Second, and Third Addition Development Agreements (Council Directed Staff to Bring Back Information on a Related Policy)

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