Another High-Speed Internet Option Coming to Victoria

Another High-Speed Internet Option Coming to Victoria

In partnership with Carver County, MetroNet will provide access to high-speed internet option via fiber to each home and business within Carver County, including the city of Victoria, Minnesota. 

On June 10, 2024, the Victoria City Council approved an agreement with MetroNet to begin work in Victoria. This project is part of the Connect Up Carver program, a Carver County initiative aimed to connect most of Carver County to high-speed internet via fiber.  

While the project will provide additional options and capabilities for broadband internet connectivity within the community, there are anticipated impacts to right-of-way areas during construction of the build-out project. 

What is the right-of-way? 

The city retains easement rights over the land from the center of the street to an area beyond its edge, often extending into private property. This area is called the right-of-way. 

This strip of land is designated for essential services and public infrastructure, such as roads, crosswalks, sidewalks, trails, and utilities (i.e., water, sewer, internet, electricity, etc.). The city's easement allows it to monitor and manage the right-of-way, ensuring safe vehicle and pedestrian travel, as well as using the space for snow storage and public infrastructure maintenance when needed. 

Easements can impact how you use the land you own. For example, setbacks for structures are measured from your property line at the edge of the right-of-way, rather than the edge of the street. 

Right-of-Way Easements on Your Property 
Carver County maintains official records of all easements on a property. Contact the county to learn about easements on your property. 

As a property owner, what can I expect?  

As part of the build-out project, MetroNet will enter the right-of-way to install its fiber network throughout the Victoria community. The project is expected to begin in Summer 2024 and continue into 2025. 

Once construction nears a specific area and neighborhood, you will see a series of messages before construction activity begins, including a letter, postcard, and yard marker. Next, crews will identify and mark underground utilities with temporary landscape-safe paint. Construction will be temporary, and MetroNet will do its best to minimize the impact to property. 

How do I report concerns? 

Metronet has a website dedicated to addressing any questions or concerns residents may have about construction. Visit and click on the “Ask a Question” tab to submit your question or concern. Residents can also call (877) 386-3876. Metronet promises to answer all inquiries and address any concerns within 24 hours (one business day Monday-Friday) and to repair any damage occurring during construction of their network. 

Other scheduling and project information can be found on the MetroNet Fiber project page

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