Winter 2023 Spotlights in Victoria

Winter 2023 Spotlights in Victoria

The City of Victoria has made progress on several key focus areas, including initiating improvements to our critical water infrastructure, fundings for environmental waste options, and a new opportunity to learn more about the City.

“Lighting Up” the City’s Critical Water Infrastructure  

By utilizing American Rescue Plan Act dollars (ARPA), the City of Victoria has successfully started its fiber optic network installation at key water infrastructure sites throughout the city. 

The City of Victoria has recently upgraded its critical utility infrastructure with the help of American Rescue Plan Relief dollars (ARPA). This one-time federal funding source allowed the City to purchase equipment necessary to light up dark fiber optic strands located at key water infrastructure sites. Utilizing American Rescue Plan Relief dollars (ARPA) allows the City to “free up” funds for other city services and projects while also ensuring the safety and security of the City’s critical infrastructure. 

This initiative was undertaken by the City’s Information Technology (IT), Facilities, and Public Works Departments to improve communication and data collection of devices installed at these locations. With the new fiber optic network, the city will be able to monitor water usage, pressure, and other important data in real time, allowing for faster response times in case of any issues or emergencies.  

In addition, the upgrade to fiber at these locations will also allow the opportunity to place extra physical security at our critical water infrastructure facilities. Equipment such as card readers and security cameras can ensure access to these areas are limited to authorized personnel only, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or theft. 

Department Participation: Administration (Information Technology, Facilities), Finance, Public Works 

Strategic Priority: Infrastructure & Transportation, Service Excellence, Environmental Sustainability 

Pedaling Towards Sustainability: Carver County Grant Powers Bike Fix-It Event and Composting Projects 

The City of Victoria recently received a grant from Carver County Environmental Services to support composting and recycling initiatives. Carver County is investing over $144,000 in 21 grant projects that focus on reducing waste, implementing innovative carbon reduction programs, and improving recycling efforts. 

The City of Victoria is excited to have been awarded $15,000 through the Carver County Environmental Services grant program. This grant will specifically support the City's annual composting site, which is available to residents during the spring, summer, and fall months. The site not only offers convenient and sustainable disposal of organic and yard waste for Victoria residents, but it also collaborates with local businesses to convert the waste materials into nutrient-rich soil that can be used for landscaping and gardening purposes. 

In addition to the composting site, the grant also funded a new event called Bike Fix-It, which was held this spring. In partnership with Project Life Cycle, a project of A Better Society, volunteers provided free basic bike tune-ups and repairs to Victoria residents in preparation for the summer season. The event took place along the Lake Minnetonka Regional Trail and attracted a diverse group of 47 bikers and their families. For more information about the event, you can visit Giving Bikes a Second Life ( 

Department Participation: Communications, Finance, Parks & Recreation, Public Works 

Strategic Priority: Infrastructure & Transportation, Environmental Sustainability 

Introducing the City of Victoria's Bi-Monthly E-Newsletter 

The City of Victoria is thrilled to announce the launch of its new e-newsletter, a dedicated source of information about city news and updates. Released every two weeks, this publication is tailored for current and future residents, business owners, and community leaders, aiming to highlight City Council's initiatives, city news, and upcoming events, programs, and public meetings.  

This e-newsletter is part of the City’s ongoing commitment to enhance communication between residents and their local government. In 2020, the City established the Communication Department, which has been actively engaged in utilizing various communication channels, including social media, printed newsletters, resident surveys, and community events. The City strives to foster a strong sense of community and ensure that Victoria's story is widely shared, highlighting its natural amenities, downtown attractions, and resources that make Victoria exceptional. 

Through collaborative efforts with Citizen Committees like the Senior Advisory Committee, the City of Victoria is dedicated to reaching and engaging with all residents. We value your feedback and ideas, and we continuously seek ways to improve our communication strategies and better serve the community. 

To stay informed and be part of our e-newsletter distribution list, please visit City Notifications on the City of Victoria website at City Notifications ( 

Department Participation: Communications 

Strategic Priority: Economic Vitality, Service Excellence, Engagement & Communication 


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