Building a Budget

Building a Budget

Our annual budget is a reflection of our community's priorities. Each year, city staff prepare a budget that honors our long-term commitments, allows us to continue to provide the same level of services we are today to a growing community and aligns with the City Council’s adopted Strategic Plan. Because we’re required by state law to adopt a balanced budget, much time and discussion is spent on ensuring the community’s priorities are included.  

Funding a Vibrant Community
It’s important that our community members can access our City Budget any time. Our annual budget book is updated in real-time as new information is recorded in the City's finance system. 

You can view our must recent budget here: 2023 Budget Book
You can also view our previous year budget books here: Previous Budget Books

Navigating the Fiscal Year: City's Budget Calendar  
The City’s budget cycle runs from January 1st to December 31st each year. In the months in between, Council spends the months reviewing and discussing the annual budget in detail starting in June. The Council must adopt a budget in December each year. 

All budget discussions are open to the public. We invite and encourage all members of our community to attend any or all of the meetings where the Council discusses the budget. 

The following schedule reflects the City of Victoria’s budget-related discussions for each year. Please note, meeting dates are subject to change. We encourage you to subscribe to our notifications to ensure you’re receiving the most up-to-date meeting information and agendas. 

  • June: City Council received a budget overview and reviews the preliminary budget for the upcoming year. 
  • July/August: Each city department presented department and budget overviews to City Council. Additionally, City Council prepared for the maximum proposed tax levy (“Max Tax”) 
  • November: City Council reviewed all enterprise fund budgets, including the Victoria Recreation Center fund, and the Water and Sewer funds. City Council also reviewed the 5-Year Capital Improvements Plan and prepared the General Fund Budget.  
  • December: City Council adopts the final budgets. 

Providing Feedback on the City’s Budget 
Because our City Budget is a reflection of our community’s priorities, we want to hear from you! View opportunities to provide feedback or comments on the City’s budget below. 

In-Person during Council Workshops or Meetings
All residents are welcome to attend City Council workshops and meetings. All meetings are held at Victoria City Hall (1670 Stieger Lake Lane) in City Council Chambers. Learn more about attending and participating in a City Council Meeting on the City Meeting webpage 

Submit Feedback Via Digital Form
We understand many of you are busy and have a lot of other commitments but still want to be engaged. If you’re unable to attend a City Council workshop or meeting where the budget is being discussed, you can submit a budget comment through the City’s digital form. 

Contact City Council Directly 
We also welcome you to send an email to City Council with your budget feedback at any time. Individual City Council contact information can be found on the City Council webpage 

Additionally, you can use the below email address to send an  email to the entire Victoria City Council. 

Stay Informed 
The City of Victoria keeps the community updated on City news, announcements, and programs in a variety of ways.

Sign up for City Notifications here: City Notifications

Contact Us 
Trisha Pollock, Assistant City Manager,, Phone: 952-443-4217 
Dana Hardie, City Manager,, Phone: 952-443-4211

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