Council Brief for Week of October 23, 2023

Council Brief for Week of October 23, 2023

This week's Council Brief covers the mid-year committee and commission reports, a Quarter 3, 2023 Strategic Plan update, a variance from a structure's Ordinary High Water Level Setback Requirement for the property located at 6642 Aster Trail, a public hearing for the Easement Vacation for Brookmoore Third Addition, a Comprehensive Plan Amendment for Huntersbrook, the Final Plat for Marsh Hollow Third Addition, and an ordinance and summary publication for fences in easements.

Victoria Vic’s Stadium Proposal
The Victoria Vic's Baseball Team have interest in constructing a new stadium structure for Poppitz Field at Lions Park.

Discussion Overview
The Vic's shared their vision for a stadium with the City Council to obtain feedback on the vision and to understand if there would be an opportunity to provide City support for moving the vision forward.

Community Impact
The Vic's intend to fund a portion of the stadium but may request to explore potential cost-share opportunities with the City and other partners. Should the Council support the vision, additional discussion and understanding around construction and ongoing costs would need to occur.

2023 Mid-Year Advisory Board Reports
As part of their 2021-2023 Strategic Plan, the Victoria City Council requests that the committees and commission present mid-year and end-of-year reports.

Discussion Overview
A representative from each committee or commission spoke to their work over the last 6 months and what they have planned moving forward.

Community Impact
The Parks & Recreation Committee reviewed park, trail, recreation center, and recreation program initiatives while the Planning Commission reviewed and made recommendations on development-related items, and the Senior Advisory Committee made recommendations on programs and resources for our 55+ community here in Victoria.

2023 Quarter 3  Strategic Plan Update
The City of Victoria's 2021-2023 Strategic Plan helps guide projects, initiatives, and actions undertaken by the City. 

Discussion Overview
Assistant City Manager Alyssa Swanson provided Council with an update on cross-departmental projects, initiatives, and services that occurred throughout the third quarter of the year.

Community Impact
Spotlights from Quarter 3 included the Annual Fire Department Open House, the community resource tent at the Victoria Farmers Market, a mental health program for the Fire Department, the construction of Bavaria Trail East from Ali Lane to 82nd Street, and alternative funding for the 82nd Street Reconstruction Project.

Variance from a Structure's Ordinary High-Water Level Setback Requirement for 6642 Aster Trail
The applicant petitioned that a 100-foot Ordinary High Water Level setback setback from a tributary on-site would create a practical difficulty inconsistent with the intent of the code due to the nature of the property.

Discussion Overview
The Planning Commission determined that the proposed deviation from the City of Victoria Zoning Code meets certain thresholds but recommended a 30-foot drainage and utility easement around the on-site tributary as the DNR requested.

Community Impact
The City Council approved the variance.

Easement Vacation for Brookmore Third Addition — Public Hearing
Josh Metzer, U.S. Home, LLC (Lennar) submitted an Easement Vacation application for review by the City Council to vacate 4 easements to facilitate recording the second and third phases of the Brookmore subdivision.

Discussion Overview
Vacation of this easement is the final item to allow Lennar to complete plat recording and construction for the entire 80-lot development. 

Community Impact
A public hearing was held and no comments were given by the public. The Council approved the application.

Comprehensive Plan Amendment for Huntersbrook
A Comprehensive Plan Amendment was approved for the Huntersbrook development in 2022 that guided a portion of the development for medium density, and the remaining area as low density.

Discussion Overview
The Metropolitan Council has now expressed concerns related to density (40 lots on 10.72 acres with a net density of approximately 4.9 units per acre) for Huntersbrook Second Addition and has advised the most efficient way for the developer to get a sewer permit is to bring forward a Comprehensive Plan Amendment. 

Community Impact
Staff will submit the amendment on behalf of Tradition Development to the Metropolitan Council.

Final Plat — Marsh Hollow Third Addition
Rolling Hills South, LLC submitted a Final Plat application for review by the City Council to revise the plat for the 55 attached townhome units in the Marsh Hollow development.

Discussion Overview
The application includes slight modifications to the plat and grading plan from previous approvals to allow for a different building type.

Community Impact
City Council adopted the Final Plat for Marsh Hollow Third Addition with several conditions.

Ordinance and Summary Publication for Fences in Easements
The proposed ordinance would allow a property owner to apply for a fence permit, which may encroach into a drainage and utility easement, with the approval of staff.

Discussion Overview
The use is not outright prohibited, it just involves a minimum distance requirement that is acceptable to City staff. Additionally, this ordinance would protect the City from any claims of damaged fencing within said easements.

Community Impact
The City has a permit process for fences which involves review by City staff for conformance to City Code, and to ensure the placement won't have any negative impacts to adjacent owners or infrastructure.
Consent ItemsItems on the Consent Agenda are routine, administrative, do not require deliberation, or are housekeeping items required by law.

Approved by Consent
• Previous Meeting Minutes
• Claims Roster
• Reports from the Carver County Sheriff's Office
• Monthly Fire Department Report
• Third Quarter Donations for 2023
• Temporary Liquor License for Victoria Lions Club for Event on December 8, 2023
• Development Agreement between Tradition Development, LLC and the City of Victoria for Huntersbrook Second Addition
• PFAS Multi-District Lawsuit Settlements
• WSB to Provide Professional Services for the 2023/2024 Pond Maintenance Project
• Broker of Record for Benefits for the 2024 Renewal Plan Year
• Out of State Travel for Council Member Derek Gunderson for National League of Cities Conference

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