Water Conservation Buffers

Water Conservation Buffers

Natural buffer areas around lakes are extremely important to protect water quality.
Wetlands, conservation buffers, and city-owned outlots border several lakes behind many Victoria homes. 

What is a public water conservation buffer?
  • A vegetated land adjacent to a stream, river, lake or wetland.
  • Buffers are an important conservation measure as they help filter out phosphorus, nitrogen, and sediment.
What should I know about public buffer areas?
  • All outdoor maintenance and storage items must remain on your property, and not encroach onto buffer areas.
  • Mowing; tree trimming; and removing trees, brush, landscape or noxious weeds is prohibited in buffer areas.
  • Boats cannot be stored in buffer areas.
  • Private docks are prohibited in buffer areas.
  • Pets must remain on a leash, and you must clean up after them on public property.
  • Activities causing damage to property or vegetation in the buffer are prohibited.
  • Report any concerns via the Report a Code Violation form.
How do I know if there is a public buffer area adjacent to my property?
  • Markers identifying buffer areas are installed in many locations. If you see a missing or damaged marker, contact the City of Victoria.
Is fishing allowed in the buffer? What if someone trespasses on my property or damages a buffer area while fishing?
  • The public is typically discouraged from fishing from many marked, public buffer areas as it can cause damage to natural plantings. Rather, Kelzer’s Pond Park at the northwest corner of the lake is the primary access for public fishing.
  • Contact Carver County Sherriff’s office at (952) 361-1231 for trespass or vandalism concerns.
Where can I find other resources on buffer areas?

Victoria_Planning_Commission_Icon-01 City of Victoria Community & Economic Development Department
Municipal code interpretation and enforcement  is provided by planners with the City of Victoria Community & Economic Development Department.

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