Golf Cart and ATV Permit

Golf Cart and ATV Permit

Golf carts and ATVs are allowed on designated city streets with an appropriate permit.

The City of Victoria allows golf carts and ATVs on designated City streets. Previously, golf carts had been allowed on local streets in the Deer Run and Laketown neighborhoods only. The City requires that anyone wishing to drive a golf cart or ATV on city streets first receive a permit from the City.

Application Instructions

  • $25 per vehicle


  • Golf carts and ATVs CANNOT be driven on the following:
    • sidewalks or trails
    • state or county highways (Highways 5 & 7, and County Roads 11, 13, 18 & 43)
    • streets with speed limits faster than 30 mph (Bavaria Road and Marsh Lake Road)
    • streets in the City’s central business district (Stieger Lake Lane, Commercial Avenue, Tower Boulevard, 80th Street [north of Trillium/Sunflower], Rose Street [north of Hwy 5] or Quamoclit [north of Hwy 5]
  • Prohibited Streets Map (PDF)

  • Permits are valid for one (1) calendar year (January to December) and must be renewed annually.


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