Neighborhood Organized Garbage Collection

Neighborhood Organized Garbage Collection

Garbage Service
The City of Victoria uses the "open hauling" system for the collection of garbage and recycling hauling. Open hauling allows residents to develop an agreement individually with any garbage hauling company that is licensed by the city. The companies and number of licensed haulers can change from time to time. This type of system allows residents to choose their hauler, but it may also cause multiple garbage and recycling trucks servicing the neighborhood throughout the week.

To alleviate the multiple garbage hauler truck traffic, residents who live on the same street, or in the same neighborhood can choose to organize their collection with one hauler. This type of organized collection can have several benefits including:

  • Decreased truck traffic
  • Increased traffic safety
  • Decreased noise levels
  • Decreased wear and tear on city streets
  • Decreased potential air pollution
  • Possibility of a reduced monthly rate by setting up services as a group and the possibility of additional services being offered by the hauler
How to set up a Neighborhood Organized Garbage/Recycling Collection Program
Someone from your neighborhood must initiate efforts begin the program. The first task is to define the boundaries of the neighborhood — the larger the area, the more benefits to all. Use a web-based mapping program such as MapQuest or Google Maps, or walk through your neighborhood to create the list of potential participants. This program is optional; your neighbors are not required to participate.

A Neighborhood Organized Garbage/Recycling Collection Program Packet (PDF) is a tool to set up organized collection. Feel free to customize any of the documents to fit the needs of your neighborhood. The packet includes the following information.

  1. Residents Organized Garbage Collection Survey: Letter to your neighbors that contains an interest survey.
  2. Residents Organized Garbage Collection Survey Results: Track the survey results of your neighbors.
  3. City of Victoria Licensed Garbage Haulers: Licensed haulers who may provide services.
  4. Contact List: Track the garbage haulers contacted and their contact information.
  5. Sample Proposal Letter: Send to Garbage Haulers to seek information on their services, costs and more.
  6. Summary of Proposals Form: Record information received to compare services, pricing and other information to help determine final decision.

Neighborhood Organized Garbage/Recycling Collection Program

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