Rain Barrel and Compost Bin Sale

Rain Barrel and Compost Bin Sale

The rain barrel and compost bin sale are now open!

 440469947_741652961489912_5089676960183592159_nRecycleCarver - Carver County Environmental Services and the Carver County Water Management Organization are partnering with the Recycling Association of Minnesota to offer quality rain barrels and compost bins made from 100% recycled materials. 

Carver County residents can purchase a compost bin for $76 each at the Carver County  Environmental Center located at 116 Peavey Circle, Chaska, MN 55318 during open hours

Here are a few benefits of using rain barrels and compost bins at home:
  • Using a rain barrel helps conserve water.
  • Using the rainwater rather than from the spigot (which you pay for).
  • Helps with stormwater management on your property and your neighbor's property. 
  • Reduces stormwater runoff, which is significant pollutant to waterways.
  • By using a compost bin, you can reduce more than 25% of your waste from going to a landfill which saves you money.

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